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If you have recently traveled overseas and have met your soul mate and would like to bring him or her here to the United States, provided you meet certain criteria, you can bring your loved one here by petitioning for them through the fiancée visa process otherwise known as a K-1 visa. If your fiancée has children, they may also be petitioned as derivatives of your fiancée under the K-2 visa category.

One important thing to note about this visa category however is that you must be able to prove that you have met your fiancée in person within the past two years of filing for the fiancée visa petition. This regulation was put into place to guard against the very serious and prevalent phenomenon of mail order brides. Of course the fiancé visa category included petitioning for both men and women and includes same-sex relationships. You must be a US citizen to petition your fiancée. Lawful Permanent Residents cannot petition under the K-1 fiancee visa category. Lastly, both you and your fiancée must sign a DECLARATION OF INTENT TO MARRY within 90 days of your fiancee’s entry into the United States under the K-1 visa category. Once married, you must file for an ADJUSTMENT OF STATUS in order for your fiancée to obtain his or her green card.

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